Rattery Parish Council

Rattery Parish Council - Comprises of 7 members, 10 meetings are held each year (monthly except for August & December) at the Village Hall. Notice of meetings which are all open to the public are put on the Parish Council Noticeboard on the Village Green. All meetings commence at 7.30pm or 8.00pm - April Parish Assembly 7.30pm.
See dates of meetings and agenda for 2016

If you wish to have any matters to put on the agenda, either contact the Clerk – Sharon Raggett 01364 644109 or come along to the meeting and have your say in Parishioners Question time at the end.

Elections are held every 4 years and people who may be interested in standing as candidates are advised to attend meetings to find out more. Pre-election training courses can be arranged if sufficient numbers of people are keen.

Parish Councillors

Chairman Cllr Richard Haigh
Culver Lane
Rattery TQ10 9LJ
Tel:01364 72239
Email richard.haigh@rocketmail.com

Vice Chairman Cllr L Bass
Ashbourne Farm
Rattery TQ10 9LN
Email listerbass@hotmail.com

Cllr Mrs S Edwards
The Plains
TQ10 9LF
Tel 07530368150
Email sarah-emily@hotmail.co.uk

Cllr Mrs L Jopson
Ashbourne Farm Rattery TQ10 9LN

Email nickjopson@hotmail.com

Cllr Rob Hatt
The Pound House,
TQ10 9LD
Tel: 01364 642737 / 07501 116046
Email: robhatt01@gmail.com
Cllr Kim Howard

Southern Light,
Almshouse Cross,
Tel: 01364 642511
E-mail: khoward@linebyline.co.uk

District Councillor - Peter Smerdon
Smallcombe Farm
South Brent TQ10 9LH
Tel 01364 642207
Email smerdon@ukonline.co.uk

Clerk Mrs Sharon Raggett
34 Balland Park
TQ13 7BT
Tel 01364 654607
Email sharon.raggett@sky.com

County Councillor - Richard Hosking
Higher Court Barn 
Lower Bowcombe Farm
PL21 0HN
Tel: 01752 690775 
Email richard.hosking@devon.gov.uk

P3 Contact DCC (Parish paths Partnership - see DCC website)
Roz Davies
Tel 01364 72918

Shelia Isherwood,
Velwell Lodge, Dartington TQ9 6AD